ABOUT USrunner

PJC ORTHOPEDICS® was formed to provide Personalized Joint Care ® to all patients. Our patients are of all ages, from children to the “young at heart,” and at all levels of activity, from little leaguers to the weekend warriors to the professional athletes.

Over the past decade, we have observed that quality face-to-face time between the patient and the surgeon has steadily decreased. While numerous reasons exist for this decreasing medical quality, we provide our patients consistency and longevity with their orthopedic surgeon. During a visit, you will experience that this clinic was created to take care of you….our patients. It is all about your Personalized Joint Care ®.

Concierge Orthopedics™ - Concierge Sportscare® - Concierge Orthocare℠
Restoring Patient-Centered Care™ and the Doctor-Patient Relationship
One Patient at a Time….