Appointments may be scheduled one of two ways:
• Call 1‐855‐804‐8800 or
• Use the Online Scheduling Form by clicking here

When scheduling an appointment, please have the following information:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Home address
• Phone number
• Name of your primary care physician or health care provider
• Name of your referring physician
• Reason for visit


We would like to provide the best care for you during your visit. It is important that you bring the following items to your visit:
• Complete list of your current medications (prescription, over the counter, supplements, topical creams)
• Complete list of past medical diagnoses, illnesses, and hospitalizations
• Complete list of all prior procedures and/or surgeries
• Any and all x‐rays, MRI’s, CT’s or other imaging films (including all written reports) pertaining to your chief complaint
• Information regarding what medications and treatments have already been tried in the past
• Insurance cards
• Identification with picture (driver’s license)
• List of questions you want to ask your physician

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